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    Advanced Warfare Training (AWT) - Tier 6


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    Advanced Warfare Training (AWT) - Tier 6 Empty Advanced Warfare Training (AWT) - Tier 6

    Post by AHeretic Sun Apr 19, 2015 11:33 am

    Tier: 6

    The goal of this training is to provide individuals with the experience and confidence to take on the following tanks, one on one quickly and efficiently.

    For tier 6 skirmish, the Cromwell when may find a single enemy, a relatively cheap kill, kill a target in a difficult position for the heavies, or try to force an enemy to turn their turret. Such scenarios require quick engagement and kill.

    After successful completion of the first four 1 v 1 engagements, teams of 2 will form and engage each other.

    1: Engagement and kill by the Cromwell completed at close range
    2: Kill completed within 2 minutes, with timer starting when first targeted shot by either player is fired
    3: Non Cromwell not limited by rule one
    4. Non Cromwell wins by killing the Cromwell or surviving longer than 2 minutes in the engagement zone
    5. Final judgement made by a clan officer if there is a disagreement

    1: Cromwell vs TD (Hellcat, Jg.Pz. IV, SU-100)
    2: Cromwell vs Heavy (T-150, ARL 44, KV-85, KV-2, M6)
    3: Cromwell vs Light (T-37, 59-16, AMX 12t, T-21, MT-25)
    4: Cromwell vs Medium (M4A3E8, M4A3E2, T-34-85)
    5: 2 Cromwells vs 2 Cromwells

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