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    Well, Howdy, y'all!


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    Well, Howdy, y'all! Empty Well, Howdy, y'all!

    Post by AW_Gnatz Sat Dec 06, 2014 10:57 am

    Howdy, Gnatz here.  The AW in my handle was mostly so my old Air Warrior buddies can find me (was involved in that game for years and years, from the Compuserve days until the EA evil empire bought it and kilt it).  Tactics on the ground are way different, with a lot of different variables for me to learn.  The team concept, though, appears to remain the same.  A wingman is still a wingman, methinks.  Smile

    Only played mostly random battles so far, although I do platoon with #2 son frequently (he's 16 going on 30, and a bit of a wiseguy ... dunno where he gets that).

    Since El Jefe said he wants to practice in T-150s, I'll be grinding up that research line with that goal in mind -- starting this morning.

    Looking forward to learning how to be a good contributor in WoT instead of using the "just jump in and shoot somebody" mode.


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