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    Russian Scout Line


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    Russian Scout Line Empty Russian Scout Line

    Post by Uther2000 Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:52 pm

    Anyone else finding them fun ?
    I have, they are particularly good at ramming Twisted Evil

    BT-2 - Fantastic speed, the "scooped" front end seems to have an interesting effect on other tanks when you hit them at top speed
    .         Usually after a successful ram I could fire one or two rounds into the underbelly of the afflicted tank

    BT-7 - Good top end speed, again the front end seems to lend itself to lifting tanks and exposing their underbellies

    A-20 - Seems much stiffer and less forgiving in turns than its previous tiers
    .        The top end gun has a decent rate of fire [VT-42]
    .        Overall a good scout and good ramming capabilities however, getting up to top speed or maintaining top speed is sometimes a problem
    .        Make sure to use minimal turns and stay away from trees and structures, they will only slow or stop you
    .        Good for chasing down those alien pancake tanks [ELC-AMX]

    T-34 - WTH is a medium doing in this line up ?
    .        Not good for ramming, slow, similar size as the A-20 and seems to be a shell magnet
    .        Expect to be one or two-shotted, feels 'squishy' compared to other tanks

    MT-25 -

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