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    From The Mouths of Babes Empty From The Mouths of Babes

    Post by AW_Gnatz Sun Jan 18, 2015 12:06 pm

    The newest article posted in The Chieftan's Hatch about the use of TD's in the European Theater during WWII is pretty danged good.  It's a collection of letters and observations by Lieutenants, and is really enlightening to the history and tactics buff.

    Of particular interest was this little jewel:

    "In Italy, an effective team composed of engineers, infantry and one tank destroyer has been used against German pill boxes. A small patrol, perhaps 1 platoon of engineers and 1 platoon of infantry, moves forward at night toward enemy pill box. Engineers make a path thru mines. Arriving at a point where aerial photograph indicates probable location of pill-box, patrol listens in darkness to hear enemy personnel talking, or in some other way determines the exact location of pill-box. Spot is then marked by a stake, a chalked cross, or by reference to some rock or tree. Patrol then retires to base. Next day the infantry platoon leader guides an M10 along the path cleared thru the minefield. Infantry- man rides in M10 fighting compartment with the TD crew. Arriving within 75 yds. of the pill-box, camouflaged pill-box cannot be seen by the M10 crew. But the infantryman nevertheless sights the gun directly on it, using as reference the stake or rock or chalkmark he made the night before. Pill-box is then destroyed by one shot fired point blank at 75 yd. range. Significance: Teamwork."

    The whole thing is worth the 10-minute read, imNSho.  Is it applicable in-game?  Not really, unless we can equip underwater snorkling TDs  Suspect

    Just sayin' ...

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    From The Mouths of Babes Empty Re: From The Mouths of Babes

    Post by Snow Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:48 pm

    Many of the chieftain's articles are well worth the read. This one is no exception, I enjoy putting a better historical context behind the tanks I play in the game. Agreed that they usually have little in the way of in-game tactics but the context is nice.

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